Milwaukee: Want Free Beer? Follow Buffalo Water on Twitter

So it may just be a fad, but everyone's talking about Twitter right now. The latest social networking site, which uses real-time, short messages to answer the question "what are you doing now?" is hot on the internet.

Buffalo Water Beer Company thought we'd get on the bandwagon. So, if you are an avid "tweeter," why not follow us on Twitter and you may just get yourself some free beer!

We will be posting our weekly free beer tastings on our Twitter page, usually 24 hours in advance. It's no secret that we like to give our delicious Bison Blonde lager away at various locations in the Milwaukee area, including local Sendik's stores, Pick N Save's, Buffalo Wild Wing's and independent bar locations. So if you fancy a freebie, stay in tune via our Twitter page!

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Janet Fox Driscoll said...

Excellent idea. Have you read #Twitterworks ?

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